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Late Registration Information

Submitted by Site Administrator on January 17, 2015 - 5:34pm

How to register now that walk-in registration is over:

Register online here (must be logged in to the site), or

download the form at the bottom of the page and 

     (a) drop it in the clay pot by the front door at 15806 Clearcrest (in Brook Forest) or

     (b) mail it to the P.O. Box at the top of the form or 

     (c) fax it to 832-915-5156 (no cover page needed) or

     (d) scan it as jpg or pdf and email to


At the Clearcrest address, there is a Ziploc bag containing blank forms in a clay pot by the front door. Completed forms and checks can also be placed in that bag.

NOTE: If the clay pot does not have an American flag in it, you are at the wrong house. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE CASH.


PAYMENT: Credit Cards can be taken online, Checks or Money Orders in person.

Checks and Money Orders can either be dropped off at the Clearcrest address or mailed to the  P.O. Box at the top of the registration form.